Home Valuation

Home Valuation

In technical terms, the value of a property or house can be determined by the future benefits arising from the property at the present moment. If the property has future benefits, it is more likely to be valuable than a property with fewer possible future benefits.

Determining the Cost of your Home

For example, the land of a shop in a commercial area will be more valuable than land in a rural area because there are less visible future benefits from a rural area. Knowing the value of your house can be extremely helpful for you for many reasons like financing, analysis of the investment, listing the sales, insurance of the property, and taxation. 

As we know that every property is relatively unique and valuable in its way, valuation of any property depends on many factors like location, size of the property, floor planning of the property, and amenities. Parallel to these, factors like resourcefulness, supply, and demand of the property in the specific area are also equally important side by side with the others. These factors play a crucial role in determining the actual value and are very important for its sale or purchase.

Property purchase is not similar to the purchase of other goods like food or clothing because most of the time, the real benefits or value of a property is only realized after some time has passed. For this reason, not only the economic but also social trends like environmental conditions that change over time, the controls, and regulations of the government should be taken into consideration. These trends and conditions may influence the following four elements of the value of a property:

Cons of Home Valuation

Cons: You have to understand that not all buyers or real estate agents are the same. Experience of building a new construction varies among buyers. It depends on the policies of the buyers and the skills of the buyers. Not only this, but it also depends on the available options that may vary among various builders. The experience and expertise of the builder also vary from one builder to another. Many times, your builder takes over, and you have to choose according to them. Due to this, you are left with few options. 

The upgrades you do on the new construction house are mostly costly because you have to do everything from scratch that does not cost you much. In addition to being highly expensive, they may consume much energy, which can be hard to do. Financing can be tricky for a new construction house.

Utility: It is the ability to satisfy or fulfil the desires or needs of the future owners of the property.

Demand: The need or desire that is financially supported for the ownership of the property.

Scarcity: The supply competition between finite properties.

Transferability: The transferring of ownership rights from the previous owner to the new owner in an easy way.

Misconceptions of Home Valuation

Furthermore, the value of a property is not the cost or price of it. Cost is the actual amount of expenditure on the property. While on the other hand, price is the amount that someone pays for the property to buy it. The price and the cost of the property do affect the property’s value, but it does not determine its value. The value can be higher than the cost or price and vice versa.

A common misconception about property value is adding the cost of the house and land together. The best way to learn about the importance of a property; is to do extensive research about the price of similar properties and the properties that the owners recently sold. You have to ask them personally or ask other citizens as well. But this seems like a great deal of work. Here at Elvia Aguilar; we do all the hard work for you and get the value of your house or property for you. We have all the necessary local sales and purchases databases here in San Fernando Valley, Santa Clarita Valley, and Antelope Valley. 

So, all you need to do is to reach us for all your propertyrelated queries. Elvia is an experienced and expert Brokers Associate and Realtor who will answer all your questions and help you find the value of your house or property.

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